Episode 31: Faith, Hope, and what was the other one?

June 19th, 2009

In this weeks show we introduce you to a new feature called Rob’s Really Annoying Rants, and the first head on the block is the mighty world of the Charity Organisation. We’ve also got movie reviews in the form of the most succinct review ever of “Bedtime Stories” as well as a summary of the wonder that is “The Hangover”.

In the news, we get sidetracked talking about Windows and Meteors, we find out about what Rob gets up to in the wee small hours, and more importantly, why he believes in magic. Nick shares his “feelings” with us and advertises coke. We also invite you to send us an email about films which scared you when you were little. What that says about us, we don’t really know…

  The Dead Air Podcast Episode 31