Phenomenal Pics

Paul Daniels - Nick Lee and Rob Oldfield from Dead Air PodcastNick, Paul And Rob – Middleton Arena.

“Man gets stuck in a bin” aka “No title needed”.

Rob Oldfield - Dead Air Podcast - Battle in the BayRob at Battle in the Bay 11

Rob Oldfield - Outside time machine - Dead Air PodcastRob has finally found a box to store his time machine in.

A 1996 Ford Mondeo Parked on the bank of the Menai Straits with Britannia Bridge in the Background.Nick’s old Ford Mondeo with Britannia Bridge in the background. 

A tall glass building with the Microsoft logo at the top and a cloudy sky The Microsoft Building in Buenos Aires

A small white speck against an otherwise black background The International Space Station flies past the Earth.
(Photo taken from the planet’s surface.)

How much confidence are you going to have in an ambulance if it says “Dead On Arrival” on it?

Thanks to a lack of punctuation, this looks like an instruction directed at children.

On the supermarket shelf, black and white stand together – in a perfect world?