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Ah, you’re one of those are you? Always want to know everyone’s business? Well don’t worry! This page will answer at least 5% of your questions! It’s a FAQ, which means “Forgotten All Qualifications”. This is what happens to you when you finished school two decades ago.

What is the meaning of “Dead Air”?

It’s when there is a gap in the sound on a radio programme, no music playing, nobody speaking.

What’s this website then?

This is where we host the “Dead Air Podcast” – a weekly internet radio show written and produced by Nick Lee and Rob Oldfield about nothing in particular.

Who are you guys?

Nick is a computer engineer from Anglesey, he is in his thirties even though he thinks he looks much younger (he’s wrong) and is married to a rather crazy Latin American woman. Nick has three children all told, and is sociable to the point of being too much to bear. He likes moaning and complaining about things that don’t matter and ranting about things he can’t do anything about. Nick studied Media Studies at Bangor University.

Nick LeeNick Lee

Rob is the owner of The Computer MOT Centre in Bangor. He is a bit of an electronics buff, and loves tinkering with his guitar and other assorted musical instruments. Rob is married and has a daughter. Over the years Rob has learned to deal with Nick’s moaning! Rob studied Computer Science at Leeds Met University, and enjoys programming in his spare time. He is an avid Blake Seven fan, but it’s a secret. Rob is also Nick’s boss!

Rob OldfieldRob Oldfield

Why was there a gap of THREE YEARS in the podcasts?

Well, Nick and Rob used to record the podcast in the shop where they worked together, but when Nick left to go to university the guys took a short break from recording the podcasts, and the break just lasted longer than it was supposed to!

Can mice jump?

Yes they can!

What do you use to make the podcast?

In the beginning we recorded podcasts on a 2008 White MacBook computer using Garageband and the internal microphone. As time went on we used better equipment to get our voices in to the computer but even now, we still use GarageBand!